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Lanao del Norte’s economy is highly centered around agriculture but has also increasingly diversified over the years. Today, a number of jobs in manufacturing and services are also available. Check out Mynimo to find job listings related to Lanao del Norte related to your very own career. With its incredible local search functions and listings, Mynimo makes it easy to find the best jobs nearest to you.
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With an area of 3,346.57 square kilometers, and a population of just 700,000 inhabitants (or over a million, if you count Iligan) Lanao del Norte is a mid-sized province. However, there is a diversity of economic activity that belies its size.

It has direct access to ocean resources both north and south of Mindanao, giving it a strategic location in the area. This location makes the province a local fishing and aquaculture powerhouse.

Tourism is also starting to grow in the province, and it’s likely to become a bigger part of the economy as time goes on.

When including Iligan, the province has a formidable local economy, counting manufacturing, services, and the processing of raw materials as a source of employment.  The city itself is also home to a number of local and international businesses, making it a vital employment hub in the province.

With incomes rising throughout the country, it’s likely that there will also be plenty of new opportunities in Lanao del Norte as well. The recognition of the role of nice agricultural products and the growing population make it possible that the province will become an even bigger economic power within the region.

If you plan to work in Lanao del Norte or already live in the province, you’ll find the careers related to your skills here at Mynimo.  Explore Mynimo to find job listings in Lanao del Norte and get started to building your best career yet.

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