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Davao del Norte’s diverse economy is home to a wide range of job opportunities spanning a number of important industries. Be sure to check out Mynimo’s job listings if you’re on a job hunt. Mynimo’s localization features make it your first choice for finding the best jobs in Davao del Norte.
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It might be known as a source of some of the world’s best bananas, but like other provinces in the Davao Region, Davao del Norte’s industries have become highly diversified over the past generation.  The province occupies 3,426.97 square kilometers, including some of the best land in the country for cultivating a number of export-quality crops. 

This region has attracted some of the world’s most prominent fruit companies, including Del Monte and Dole. Large local businesses such as Lapanday, TADECO, and Marsman round out the playing field as far as plantation farms are concerned.
It’s not just about top-quality bananas either. Davao del Norte also grows some of the country’s best maize, rice, ramie fiber, and coffee, among many other crops. The province also has direct access to the Davao Gulf, which has given it vibrant fishing and aquaculture industries.

The province is also home to a number of mining sites and quarries, producing gold and construction materials. Forestry also plays a significant role in the province’s economy.
The picturesque vistas of the province also make tourism a major industry. Pearl Farm and Banana Beach are just two of the better-known resorts in the province that attract international visitors.  

The capital city Tagum also features a host of service-oriented businesses and commercial areas, comparable to those in any other medium-sized city.
Whether you plan to work in Davao del Norte or already live there, you’ll find the most relevant careers here at Mynimo.  Explore Mynimo to find job listings in Davao del Norte or any region in the country.

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