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Davao del Sur is a key province in the southern Philippines, being the site of not just the largest economic hub in the region, but also a number of municipalities with important industries. It has a total area of 2,163.98 square kilometers (or 4,607.59 square kilometers, if Davao City is included) and has direct access to the Davao Gulf, an internationally important access point for Mindanao. With a wealth of employment options in a wide number of industries, anyone who wants to get a job in Davao del Sur should check out Mynimo for the best listings of relevant careers.

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Position Location Company Date
Davao City, Davao del Sur
Unit/Suite 062 and 063,  6th Floor, Pryce Business Park
Acadsoc Ltd 
5001-10,000 employees
Oct 16
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The province features a unique mix of ancient traditions and vibrant modern living. It is the home of several different Lumad peoples as well as millions of settlers from all over the Philippines, creating a true melting pot that simply isn’t found anywhere outside of Mindanao.

It is also the fastest growing province in Mindanao, thanks in part to the demand in export markets for its wide variety of agricultural products, as well as the demand for international CSR and IT services in the province’s urban hubs. 

Davao del Sur is home to Davao City, which while technically not included as part of the province as it is a HUC (highly-urbanized city) with its own congressional representation, in practical terms, it serves as the premier economic center of the province. The BPO and service industries, in particular, are major drivers of economic growth in Davao City and areas surrounding it.

Traditional economic drivers in Davao del Sur such as agriculture, fishing, and tourism are also seeing plenty of growth thanks to the rising incomes throughout the country as well as the region’s higher profile in recent years.

Whichever industry you want to work at in Davao del Sur, you can be sure that you’ll find the careers you’ve been searching for here at Mynimo.  Explore Mynimo to find the most relevant job listings closest to you.

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